What is real? What is fantasy? – Barff

What is real? What is fantasy? – Barff

One night. Three people. That’s all that seems sufficient for actor-writer-director Saurabh Shukla to tell a story that raises pertinent questions, like, what is truth? What is illusion? Does truth construct belief or is it the other way round? But just like any enthralling story, there’s more to Saurabh’s Hindi play, ‘Barff’ than meets the eye.

Set in picturesque, yet sinister Kashmir Valley, the thriller centers around one night when a doctor is called in to treat a couple’s ailing daughter. On reaching, he finds that the woman is nursing, not a child, but a doll instead. “When I penned Barff, it was originally set against a rainy day in Malshej Ghat, which gets secluded during the monsoons. But I felt the story and characters demanded a more-than-normal setting. There was a need to portray seclusion to construct illusions, so I chose Kashmir,” says Saurabh. In general, Maharashtra isn’t a state reeling under turmoil. People here do not face anxiety and a fear of the unknown on a daily basis. But the National-award winning actor’s trip to Kashmir gave him reason enough to believe he found what he was looking for.

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